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HRForHire is a term we use to describe our full service human resource support for businesses and organizations. Our involvement can be on an ‘as need be basis’, or top to bottom support that includes all aspects of professional HR management.

Perform critical and day-to-day HR functions such as:

  • Maintaining HR policies, files and requirements
  • Handling employee concerns
  • Dealing with salary and benefit matters
  • Designing and administering benefit programs
  • Hiring and dismissal procedures
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety compliance
Prevent issues by developing policies and practices consistent with your organization’s way of doing business:


  • Providing approaches to solving workplace problems
  • Promoting best practices
Improve roles and working relationships in ways that increase productivity and reduce conflict and costs:


  • Aligning job duties with performance expectations
  • Supporting effective employee/labour management relations and negotiations
  • Increasing ROI on training and development
Develop clear objectives that align to your business requirements:


  • Linking staff performance to strategic direction
  • Reviewing communication processes
Reinforce the attitudes and behaviours that make a difference to your business:


  • Defining and training staff on service excellence
  • Addressing generational workforce matters
  • Supporting company values in the workforce
  • Designing rewards that reinforce performance expectations

Talent Management

Talent management has become increasingly valuable for improving business performance. We work with businesses to have the right people in the right place at the right time. Key aspects involve recruitment, succession planning, retention, engagement and motivation.

We recognize that ‘qualified’ means the right mix of skills, abilities and ‘fit’. Our recruitment specialists can lead the search from start to finish, or install and guide you through the key steps to a successful hiring.
Our program prepares for long term organizational success by distinguishing between ‘key positions’ and ‘key people’. We also provide proven criteria for identifying top performers and creating a pathway for career moves that engage and motivate.
We design and install retention programs that help Employers demonstrate the value they place in their employees and grow their business through employee commitment and productivity.
Credence HR will help define and create a program that provides businesses with strategies to ensure high employee morale. These programs are aimed at ensuring a highly motivated environment aligned to your business expectation.
We replace the mystery, apprehension and distrust of performance appraisals with programs and approaches that drive engagement and performance by focusing on the future, not the past, and supporting the individual’s capability to do their best every day. We clarify roles and create an employee-driven process that accomplishes what performance management was expected to do in the first place.

Targeted Training & Development

Courses and programs are customized and delivered to meet long term objectives and specific business requirements that raise the bar on individual, team and business performance.

We design programs that increase leadership effectiveness and bottom line results. Client and team programs are prepared using the most advanced competency assessment that gives immediate visibility to areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
We use a systematic approach to help organizations raise the bar on corporate, group and individual performance. Our solutions integrate key components of people, process, technology and culture to support long term results and an accelerated transition to the preferred state.
Customized training delivered by experienced trainers. We work with organizations to understand the intended business results and provide training using highly engaging and interactive approaches that instil and reinforce the use of new skills or shifts in attitudes and beliefs.


We identify pathways that accelerate your success for a rewarding career and experience. Improve your effectiveness by developing those competencies that achieve levels of performance you’ve not thought possible.

Studies show that ‘exceptional’ leaders outperform merely ‘good’ leaders by 125% or more. The Exceptional Leader program is based on a proven 360° Profile that targets specific change required to boost performance.
Designed for senior and middle managers or teams who are generally good performers but want to take their performance to the next level. Using a client-driven coaching agenda, the topics can range widely, with schedules that accommodate individual or team needs and allow time for experiential learning.
Designed for those individuals who exhibit limiting mindsets and behaviours that are significantly interfering with their performance and that of others. The individual may be at risk of not being promotable or losing their position. The coaching agenda is client-driven and will address specific problem areas plus other development areas as identified by them and their manager.

Outplacement Services

Our programming and support respects the affected individual and allows the organization to maintain productivity during times of rightsizing, restructuring and displacement.

We guide and support an individual’s or group’s transition to new and productive roles. We prepare people from start of dealing with job change through to the finish of accepting a new position.
We work with organizations to position and communicate the change. We understand the impact on those affected directly and indirectly – and tailor the messages and program to the organization in ways that demonstrate respect and maintain productivity.

Organization Change Management

Proven methods help accelerate transition to where your business needs to be by managing the people side of change. Our approach to managing change builds commitment with the workforce, get teams to work together and improves your ability to lead during change.

We assess change readiness for teams and organizations in ways that identify strengths as well as potential blockers and barriers. Our assessment opens the doors to conversations about what’s doable and how to approach and succeed with change.
We identify stakeholders and stratify their impact and influence on a change. We prepare and arrange communications that build commitment to change and engage stakeholders in the process of change.
Designed to build commitment to change and overcome resistance, we are acutely aware that the vast majority of projects fail to achieve the intended results or end well over budget and past the targeted completion date. Our programs deal with the people side of change by enrolling and engaging individuals, teams and business units in taking actions consistent with moving forward.

Business Transformation

The easy problems have long been fixed. Today companies face issues and challenges that are intense, complex and need ‘all hands on deck’.

We are recognized for designing the approach, providing the tools and techniques, and facilitating sessions that generate ideas and plans for realizing your full potential. We use a proven approach that creates a powerful vision, describes the gap between your Current and Future states, creates stretch Goals and develops Strategies that lead to Actions – all in a way that engages and includes those that matter.
We utilize a step-by-step approach to assess an organization and identify solutions where the resulting “lines and boxes” align with the mission, vision, business requirements and customer expectations.
Sustainable change needs to recognize and address the organization’s formal and informal makeup. We use a proven approach to connect strategy to execution. We work with organizations to empower and enable people so that ‘what you do’ and ‘how you do it’ moves you to ‘where you need to be.’
We provide tools and techniques that reduce operating costs by 10 – 20% with an approach that engages staff in the process of making sustainable improvements.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our programs and services create safe and healthy workplaces while reducing the number and cost of lost time accidents and incidents. We will work with you to develop reporting systems that debug and comply with all facets of legislation and regulations.

We equip H&S Committees with the tools to fulfill their mandate and we provide businesses with information on leading practices for reporting, investigations and program development.
We can guide or handle claims analysis and reporting as well as assist with developing and administering Return to Work Programs.
Our audit services let businesses know where they stand relative to legislative and reporting requirements. We recommend and coordinate changes and training that meets Ministry of Labour and WSIB standards.
We assess training requirements and coordinate employee programs for OH&S, WSIC and key topics such as Violence and Harassment.
We assess your contractor safety requirements and design programs that cover prequalification, safety orientation, project monitoring and WSIB compliance.
Often businesses deal with issues arising from public access to property and project sites. We can assess such situations and recommend strategies and tactics to mitigate any risks associated with public safety and well being.


Facilitation Services

Meetings that produce results and leave participants with a sense of true accomplishment become testimony to the value of our experienced facilitators that use the right mix of tools and techniques to meets business objectives.

We make a difference in achieving desired outcomes by designing and facilitating high impact sessions that build consensus, make better decisions and achieve results. Our facilitators arrange and guide strategic planning, brainstorming, leadership retreats and targeted problem solving events for large groups, community forums and focus groups.

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